• First-time college students, transfer students, those seeking a degree at a Bachelors level

    • Freshman

    • Transfer/Adult

    • International

    • Homeschool

    • Guest

    • University Credit for High School

  • Post-college degrees in the Masters and Doctoral levels


Post-college degrees in the Masters and Doctoral levels

Guest Students

  • One-time, non-degree-seeking courses

Distance Students

  • Students studying away from North-West, Haiti

Advance Your Education, Kick Start Your Career

Now you can get a degree that is recognized all over the world, whether online or on campus in Haiti, that ‘s once more becoming the pearl of the Islands. Come kick start your career in style at Harverton International University.

New Kiskeya is One of  the Best Student Cities in the World

Harverton International University is proud to be part  of a new modern city that is being built in Haiti. It is between two old cities, not too far from the major cities and across the Tortuga Island. New Kiskeya is definitely a city you want to be in.

World Class Faculty at the Finest Facilities

Our faculty members are diverse. They are from all over the world and taught at the best universities in the world, including the ivy leagues. Studying at Harverton International University is having one of the world’s best education cheaply.