• Flexible entry requirements SAT scores, personal statements, and letters of recommendation are not required.

  • Ideal first-year university experience Equivalent to Year 1 of university; up to 34 credits upon completion.

  • Live and study in the heart of Haiti Students will study and live alongside university students from day one and have full access to all facilities and resources.

  • Safe and supportive ‘soft landing’ A beautiful, traditional campus with welcoming faculty & staff providing unparalleled support and guidance.

  • Choice and flexibility Students begin their studies at Morrisville State College and have the opportunity to progress to any field of study at the university of their choice!

  • Start your education at a top ranked SUNY regional schools: Morrisville State College #33 Regional Colleges (North), #12 Top Public Schools

Our Mission We are committed to providing quality services and programs that enhance residential student success in safe and inclusive living learning communities.