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Auto Mileage Log– Form

This document also allow you to track mileage but is ideal for people that use their vehicle for both business and personal use. You can include the total trip mileage then deduce any miles driven for non-business purposes.
You will also notice that we include two tables per page printed landscape in the PDF document. This allows you to print multiple pages then cut the page in half and staple or attach each page for a small booklet that is easier to store in your car.

Vehicle Mileage Log and Cost Form 2

This version of the form provides the same odometer and trip mileage calculations as the first form.
There is an additional column of data that can be used to input additional costs incurred during personal or business travel. For example, you could note expenses for gasoline, lunches, meetings or other travel expenditures.

Tips on Keeping Mileage Records

Keeping a good record of travel miles will help you around tax time. You want to make sure you track the starting and ending mileage. If you use your personal car for business either make notations or only include business mileage.
When writing down a description, it’s a good idea to mention the reason for the visit such as business meeting. You may also want to include the specific location, individuals and type of businesses conducted.
For more tips on keeping a business mileage log, see:

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