Study of all religions unbiasely

As every human is free to choose and will allign or be more alligned with a religious point of view, and as everyone should, we we welcome everyone of all faiths. Harverton Divinity School does not teach what to think though we affirm our beliefs and help reinforce them for those who agree with us or are curious about our faith. You will learn how to approach heartily the important issues, pose or deal with difficult life’s questions religiously and more importantly in a spiritual manner. Furthermore, you will be encouraged and challenged within your area of discipline to work creatively in a scholarly way.

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March 30, 2017


Join the HARVERTON International University as the Dean of Agriculture, Veterinary Medicine & Bio-science.



Future Dean

Divinity School

Harverford Divinity School is looking for a scholar to head the school. The candidate is a scholar who has a wealth of Biblical knowledge and a good understanding of world’s religions.  We would prefer that the candidate is a member in good standing with the SDA church.

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