Mr. Eli Mathieu’s Biography



Mr. Mathieu, a native of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, grew up in Brooklyn New York where he studied Fine Arts/Film at City University of New York. He then received his Bachelor and a graduate degree in Business Management/Finance from Excelsior University of New York.

Following his dream, in the early 1990’s Eli moved to Southern California to pursue his film career in Hollywood. Due to his love and passion for film making, he managed to become a member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG/AFTRA) and worked under major Hollywood film directors and producers. He appeared in many TV Shows and major block buster movies, such as:  Batman Forever, Batman & Robin, Strange Days, Volcano, The great white hype, Juda’s Kiss, In the House, Malcolm & Eddie, General Hospital, The Bold & The Beautiful, E.R., For Your Love, Step by Step and many other countless credited and non-credited films and TV Shows and production staff.

While pursuing his film career, he managed to keep up with his Business and Finance degree, and worked in the Finance department for many years at Raytheon one of the leading defense in the Aerospace Industry. He also worked for many other companies as a consultant.

In 2007, he founded and started REIGN PINTURES STUDIO. An ENTERTAINMENT, FILM & MEDIA Production Company designed to collaborate and facilitate filmmakers on making wholesome movies and to provide a vehicle platform to help others develop and distribute their film projects as well.
Over the years, he has become more and more involved in the community by starting church programs for the youth and young adult and other outreach programs to help and support his community from California to Pennsylvania. Furthermore, pioneer and visionary, Eli is always there to make an impact in other’s lives by supporting whenever necessary, in developing, producing shows and by helping major city leaders in their political campaigned such as: LA Judge, LA District Attorney, LA Mayor and current California governor Jerry Brown in their past election process.

Lastly, in continuing a life dream career in the film industry, Eli’s ultimate goal is to bring awareness in all our endeavors, implement changes in our society and to leave a carbon print that will make a long lasting impact in other’s lives in years to come.