About Campus

Harverton has a distinctive collegiate structure. Students and academics benefit from belonging both to the University, a large, internationally-renowned institution, and to a college or hall, a small, interdisciplinary academic community.

Colleges provide accommodation, catering, social spaces, pastoral care and other facilities for their students.
The University provides centralised student services, including careers and counselling, as well as resources such as libraries, laboratories and museums.

Online Education

Online education is a form of education which is delivered and administered using the internet. Online education can be divided into several categories depending on the amount of online learning that is incorporated into the course, ranging from traditional face-to-face learning to blended learning to exclusive online courses. Discover the difference between synchronous and asynchronous online learning and how each impacts the instructor and students.

Skilled Trainers

The Harverton University owes much of its reputation and stature to the quality of its eminent professors. The University recognizes unusual scholarly achievement and pre-eminence in a particular field of knowledge through the designation of University Professor. The number of such appointments does not generally exceed two per cent of the tenured faculty. Its very exclusivity stands to underline the highly prestigious nature of the University Professor designation.


The club also has a flourishing programme for people new to fencing. Our beginners are guided by three BFA-qualified coaches. Fencers work towards the annual Novice Varsity match which takes place in Trinity Term. This gives beginners the opportunity to fence competitively and experience a match against our arch rivals


  • Tennis Courts
  • 8 all-weather tennis courts;
  • 6 of which are floodlit
  • 2 of which are marked for orange ball
  • 4 mini tennis courts for red ball tennis