The Faculty of Architecture & Design at Harverton university is different. After a devastating earthquake January 12, 2010, Haiti needs to build better. the earthquakes just revealed the fragility of some of the Haiti’s constructions and communities.  We, at HIU exist to help our students who really care about helping our community through service. We care about training students to become healthy, creative professionals. We care about visiting places from which we can learn to make good places. We hope you’ll join us.

Architects are responsible for designing just about every building we use – from skyscrapers and hotels to courtrooms, libraries and parliaments buildings.

Working for a private practice, or for the local or central government, architects have the potential to make a real difference in society, change lives and create buildings which lift the spirits. Architecture as a career combines a stimulating mix of creative and practical elements and can include social, political and environmental dimensions. It’s also a career which allows you to plan a project and then see it become a reality.

Within the construction industry, architects work on new buildings and the spaces surrounding them, as well as altering existing ones. They can also advise on restoring and conserving older buildings. Architects are actively involved from the outset until completion and must deal with a wide variety of professionals on any project, from engineers to surveyors. They also have to make sure certain standards are followed, that the project remains within its budget, and help iron out any problems as quickly as possible.

Architects prepare design proposals for the client, as well as advising them on how practical the project is. They are involved in obtaining planning permission, carrying out defect inspections and preparing tender applications.

March 30, 2017


Join the HARVERTON International University as the Dean of ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN.

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