“Knowing how you are going to pay for college is just as important as knowing which college you’re going to attend. The good news is that you’re not alone. We are here to help.”


There’s nothing more frustrating than placing a product in your shopping cart only to discover at the register that the product is more expensive than it was stated to be. At HIU, we understand the importance of a reliable bottom line.

We also understand that paying for college is a semester-by-semester process. This is why our friendly financial advisors are eager and willing to keep you and your student informed of important deadlines. You are assigned a financial advisor based on the first letter of your last name. Paying for HIU will take planning, will be guided by a supportive staff, will be subsidized by scholarships when applicable and will keep the buyer in full knowledge of what is being paid for and how much it costs.

That’s why we’ve supplied you a straightforward chart of what it costs to attend Harverton International University. We choose to be transparent with the net price of your HIU experience and not just the isolated tuition cost. You will also see important expenses which are also a part of attendance at HIU. This includes secondary expenses and insurance costs. For a look at the price of HIU check out our tuition and fees.

Net Price Calculator

In just minutes, by using the Net Price Calculator you’ll be able to get an immediate and valuable initial idea of how various financial resources can come together so that your child can afford an Harverton International University degree.

Paying For College

Most families pay for their student’s HIU experience through a combination of methods. By offering a variety of payment plans and payment options, we lighten the individual’s financial burden as much as possible while making paying as simple as it can be. Currently we offer installment plans and accept payments online, in person, by check or through a variety of other electronic means. You can find more information about payment plans or details about payment options. Be sure to look into external scholarships as well.

Financial Clearance

We at HIU like to keep your financial checklist as simple as possible. Remember this simple process and your student will be able to register for their classes before the classes begin, purchase books and move into their residence hall as soon as they arrive on campus, and start eating at Dining Services. We have How-to Video Tutorials to assist you in the process including applying for finanical aid and financial clearance. Financial advisors are there to help with any additional questions.

Process to Apply for Financial Aid

First, complete the FAFSA:

If the student is a U.S. resident, the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is key to federal and state student aid. Even if they don’t expect to take out federal loans, we recommend completing the FAFSA. It will allow them to be considered for other types of assistance through Harverton International University’s Office of Student Financial Services. Make sure to file feredal taxes early. Apply online at and use the Data Retrieval Tool to link tax information. It generally takes two–three weeks for the Federal Student Aid Programs office to prepare its report, and we will need that before we can evaluate the aid request. Remember, the FAFSA will ask them to supply federal school codes for every university to which they are applying. The Harverton International University code is 000000.

Second, turn in these other documents:
  • Harverton International University Financial Information Sheet
  • Verification Documents, as needed

Once their FAFSA has been filed and other needed financial aid documents are in, the Student Financial Services team will prepare an award package. If taking federal loans, first-time borrowers will need to complete Loan Entrance Counseling and sign a Master Promissory Note.

Student Financial Services Contact Information

0000 street address
Harverton International University
City, Haiti

Phone: 000-000-0000
Fax: 000-000-0000

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