The Central library of the Harverton University (HIU) can also be hailed as the heart of the University. It aims to provide quality knowledge and useful resources to the users of the University. The library is well-organised in terms of its presently available resources. The library plans to incorporate more advanced technology in its functioning in the near future. Apart from books on various subjects, the HIU Central Library also has a collection of various national and international journals (Printed and Online), magazines, articles etc. The HIU Central Library is committed to serve the institution and the society at large. The Library follows the Open Access System. The HIU Central Library is an automated library with networking.

The International and Area Studies Library supports students, faculty, staff and members of the public who are researching Africa-related subjects. The library purchases materials and resources from and about Africa, mainly in English, French, and Portuguese but also in many African Languages. The collection covers all African countries and includes materials in more than 150 African languages. While the majority of the collection is located in the Main Stacks, there is a small Africa-specific reference collection available in the International and Area Studies Library. The collection is also scattered throughout many of the other campus libraries.