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Adult School

Online Adult School Curriculum

Welcome to our Adult Learners! You have taken a good decision to get back to where you left off several years ago in school. There might have been several reasons that caused you to drop out of school. In this generation, there are additional platforms to studying outside the brick-and-mortar classroom. Our school is one such platform where learning is virtual. This means that you do not need to be at a physical location to study. With a computer (laptop or tablet) and an internet connection, you can see your teacher speaking either through audio or video. All that you need to do is to click on the Adult Learners’ Curriculum below and study at your own pace 24X7! Welcome Aboard!

However, whether you are new or know your way about on the internet, you would have to register through the Adult Learners’ application form on the website! We recommend you look at those asterisked ** links first.

During your first month of registration, we would have a couple of meetings with you to introduce several things you may or may not know, but a lot of the work would depend on you thereafter. Therefore, feel free to ask us questions about what you may need help with!